The Queen is dead



The smiths

  1. There is a light that never goes out
    来自The Queen is dead

  2. Some girls are bigger than others
    来自*The Queen is dead*, 光看歌名就很想听不是么

  3. I know it’s over
    来自The Queen is dead

  4. Heaven knows I’m miserable now
    来自 The sound of the smiths

  5. Asleep
    来自 The world won’t listen

  6. Please, please, please let me get what I want
    来自 The sound of the smiths

The stone roses

  1. Made of stone
    来自The very best of the stone roses

  2. Sugar spun sister
    来自 The stone roses


  1. Imitation of life
    来自All The Way To Reno

  2. Pale blue eyes
    来自Dead Letter Office

  3. Everybody hurts
    来自The All Time Greatest Rock Songs Of The 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s


  1. A day in the life - The beatles
  2. No surprises - Radiohead
  3. Let down - Radiohead
  4. Fragile inside - 田原(这首歌是充数的,主要因为我喜欢跳房子时期田原的歌)


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